Tonight we’re going to blog like it’s 1999! Yes, I was actually blogging back then, thanks very much. We just didn’t call it “blogging” yet.

It’s been a decade since I blogged, but I’m going to pretend like blogrolls are still a thing, even if lots of my O.G. bloggers seem to have vanished. It’s like the Field of Blogs, you know? If you build it, they will blog. Or something.

By the way, if you want your blog listed in a different niche (food, photography, fitness, etc.) just drop me a line through the contact page (or you can hit me up at karl at Most of my old blogger friends and I used to fall into the “personal blogger” category, so that’s where most fall right now.

§ == SLICE OF LIFE == §

§ == FOOD == §

§ == LOST IN SPACE == §

This section is for my old blogger colleagues whose blogs are still there but sit inactive. I put them here in the hopes that they’ll come back.