How to Listen to My New Show

I’m on the air in 4 hours as I write this. My show, “In Tune with SouthernYank,” is from 4-7 PM Eastern time.

Friends have asked, “How do I listen to this new show of yours?” It’s quite simple. I’ll walk you through 2 methods.

How to Listen Through Your Web Browser

Go to the KGFA website, the main page. Scroll down. There is an embedded streaming player built right into the web page.

Click the button below the KGFA Radio logo.

Done. You’re now listening.

How to Stream the Show Through an App on Your Mobile Device

Download the Zeno Radio app, available for iOS and Android both.

iPhone/iOS – Here’s the link for you iPhone people

Android – Here’s the link for Android folks

Install the app. Open it up. Now it’s just a matter of searching for the KGFA radio station, easy.

At the bottom of the Zeno app, click Explorer (the magnifying glass).

At the upper right of your screen is the Search function, click the tiny magnifying class next to the Zeno Radio logo.

Type “KGFA” in the search bar at the top. As you type, you’ll see stations pop up underneath. KGFA will be the top link after you’ve typed all 4 letters. Click it.

Now you’re on the KGFA page. The yellow PLAY button plays the live stream, whatever is playing at the time. Click it at 4 PM Eastern time and you’ll be listening to my new show.


If you click the FOLLOW button with the heart symbol, you are basically bookmarking the station so you can easily come back to it later.

How to Listen to the Podcast

If you download and install the Zeno app as shown above, then you’ll be able to find my previous shows listed under KGFA, along with all the other shows.

Find “In Tune” here with this link.

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