In My Head

It’s hard to accurately describe what’s in between my ears. I’ve been going to weekly therapy again and 6 weeks ago started biofeedback, which is supposedly rewiring my brain to work around the damaged areas. It’s a 2x a week process for 20 weeks and I’ve had a few friends tell me they’ve noticed differences in me already. I don’t see it, but some do.

I found this song by Pat the Bunny, and it’s very good at describing negative thinking. I can’t find a karaoke version or I’d sing it. Instead, I filmed myself listening to it.

2 thoughts on “In My Head

  1. Therapy is like that. Others notice the changes before you do. I go every 3 weeks and it does help me and makes me feel better, but to those that don’t judge and really take me at value, they see the small changes more than I do.

    1. Yeah, my therapist is a good one, but it’s an uncomfortable experience because she makes me work, lol. I agree, though, others seem to see the differences that I don’t.

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