And Now a Message From My Mustache


I’m going to take a moment away from all my “fun” to promote my Movember campaign, something near and dear to my heart.

It may seem a very silly thing, this annual growing of horrible mustaches by all these guys. Because seriously, unless your name is Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, or Sam Elliott, you shouldn’t be wearing a mustache. Oh, my Aunt Anna. She rocked a killer ‘stache. But other than that, no.

Still, many men are growing them this month, myself included, all to raise money for men’s health. The Movember foundation raises funds for research and awareness on prostate and testicular cancers, two of the most-diagnosed cancers among men. Both are very treatable if caught early, and that’s what Movember is looking to do…promote that awareness in men so they get themselves checked and detect these things early.

Movember also targets mental health and suicide prevention in men. Globally, one man a minute dies by suicide. In the U.S., 75% of suicides are men.

So I’m growing another terrible mustache, all in the name of saving men’s lives. Will you help? Last year, my very generous friends helped me to raise $475. I’d love to break that record this year. Anything you can give will be appreciated. It all adds up and it all helps saves men’s lives.

However, for a $5 donation, you can sponsor the day’s daily horrible jokes. I do this on Facebook, as well. Want an example? OK. Today is Friday, which is traditionally #FourForFriday on my Facebook. Here are a couple of the awful jokes from today:

How do hens stay fit?

What did the shy pebble wish for?
That she was a little boulder.

See, that’s some quality awful right there.

OR…behind door #2. For that same $5 donation, you can choose any song you want off of my karaoke song list (6 years worth of songs, 13 pages when printed out!). I’ll have somebody film me singing it at karaoke and post it online for you to see. Here’s just one page of my list:

OR…behind the DELUXE Door #3. For a $10 donation, I will sing ANY SONG YOU WANT. Anything. You know, provided it’s in karaoke format. Here’s one I sang last night, in fact. TOTALLY NSFW. For real. It’s not. It’s by the Bloodhound Gang if that tells you anything. But $10 is $10 and this is what Susan wanted.

Do not play this around children. And don’t bitch at me if you do.

In fact, I owe Susan another song that I’ll singing tomorrow night.

So CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO MY MOVEMBER CAMPAIGN. Let’s save some lives. Thanks very much.

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