The Month Escapes Me

You are not going to believe all of the things that have been going on with me! So many wildly exciting goings-on that prevented me from putting words into this place. Where do I begin?

Okay, that’s horse-shit. I haven’t really done shit. I mean, yeah, some. I go out singing. I play poker in my weekly game. I even play D&D a couple of times a month now (it’s going well, thanks for asking, and I know I owe you a post about it). There’s that.

And then there’s me doing nothing the rest of the time. Unless I’m obsessing over that silly little card game I started a while back. Which I do. A lot. Did I mention they put me in charge of people…? Like people I’ve never met and whose real names I don’t know but I interact with regularly? I’m allowing the administrative aspect of it all to kind of tarnish the fun of the game. It’s getting to be too much without getting help from others…well, shit, let’s not go down that rabbit-hole.

I know, you don’t need to tell me. I’m down. I know I’m down. I’ve been down long enough to know the signs. It’s the isolation. It’s the total lack of motivation. Getting out of bed, even. You know, when I sleep. And I do. 3-4 hours a day.

But there’s no time for any of that because my Mom is in for surgery this week and I’m going to need to be focused on that. And let me tell you, trying to nurse a retired nurse is wrestling a greased pig. Look up “non-compliant” in the dictionary and you’ll see my Mom’s face.

I really meant to start this out as a funny piece about how I recently discovered I’ve been shaving wrong my entire life. I mean, my WHOLE life. That’s a while, I’m part Italian. But maybe next time. I guess I just wanted to put something here. Even this. Try getting in the habit. Again.

I may be writing posts from the hospital, who knows? Or I could be running a team of international mobile card game players, where nobody knows my real identity. Well, almost nobody.

I think I need to watch Captain Marvel. Finally. I took the plunge and rented Endgame on Amazon and I have 30 days to watch it. Countdown is ticking.

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