I’d Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Play That

The daily playlists I have been putting out for a little bit now…I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Not unusual for me. Even with all the music I listen to, it’s just a lot to put together that much every week. I may have to cut back to a few a week instead.

Karl's Weekend Playlist on Spotify

I have pretty eclectic musical tastes, and what I’m in the mood to listen to often changes with every ticking second. Last night before bed, I was listening to some Rat Pack era stuff, followed by Billie Holliday singing the blues. This morning was a smattering of things. My weekend playlist started things off, then the Stones for a while, some Elvis Presley, and now I have on Jarvis Cocker.

I like almost everything.


I’m not a country fan. Never have been, really. Well, maybe for a hot minute as a kid, John Denver was someone I liked. I mean, you can’t not like John Denver. My Mom loved country (still does) and I guess there were a few songs. “Convoy” by C.W. McCall. That was awesome. The big-ass CB antenna on top of our yellow Pinto was also very awesome. We used to watch “Hee Haw” a lot in the 70s and I remember never being a fan of the music. The Hee‌ Haw Honeys, however…they were a different matter.

Roy Clark isn’t smiling because he gets to pick on his banjo

If I’m going to be forced to listen to country, at least make it the old stuff. Willie, Waylon, Johnny Cash. The new shit is just pop music with a twang. To me, it all sounds the same. There are, as always, exceptions to the rule. I think Chris Stapleton is talented. I like his bluesy rock country sound.

I like folk, some bluegrass, lots of crossover stuff…just not country itself.

For years I refused to sing country at karaoke. People would request this or that and I’d get out of it by saying I didn’t know the song. And that was usually true. Many years later, I probably know quite a few of them, if only by karaoke osmosis. The only way I know the country songs I do is because I’ve heard so many of them at karaoke over the years.

I sing some country now. I’m not such a stickler about it.

Rap. I don’t like most of that, either. Like country, to me it all sounds the same these days. On top of that, most rap contains liberal use of the “N” word, and I don’t like that. I don’t care who you are or what color you are, if I hear that word, I’m changing channels. Exception: old school rap. Rapper’s Delight. Run DMC. LL Cool J Mama said knock you out and shit. I like Eminem, too. And Snoop Dogg. I like Young MC because he knows how to bust a move. I like big butts and I cannot lie. And Baby Shark. What, that’s a rapper name, isn’t it? Hell, I don’t know.

Opera. Yeah, I just can’t make that one happen. Opera is just long, boring songs made even worse by the fact that they’re not in English. Exception: the “Queen of the Night’s Aria” from Mozart’s “Magic Flute.” Other exception: the hot blue alien singing the aria in “Fifth Element.” Yes, it absolutely counts. It’s based on an actual opera that’s in actual Italian. By the way, if you really wanted me to listen to opera in the first place, you’d have a lot more of those hot blue alien singers. Marketing, people.

She almost looks like a blue Geena Davis. I like that in an alien.

Finally, there’s heavy metal. My definition of heavy metal has changed a great deal since I was in high school. When I was a junior in high school, Def Leppard came out with their first album, “Pyromania.” I thought THEY were heavy metal. Motley Crue was big back then, too. I thought they were metal. And yeah, obviously Ozzy and Rainbow and the Little River Band and all those other MTV rock bands.

Little River Band, Australia's heavy metal rockers
Australia’s biggest metal-heads

Now there’s all kinds of metal. REAL metal, not glam metal. Death metal and black metal and folk metal and progressive metal and spacecore and mathcore and pornogrind and I’m not even making any of these up. I don’t like it, especially if it’s just this cacophony with someone behind a microphone screaming and growling the whole time. That does nothing for me.

I like songs where I can understand what the hell the singer is singing. I need songs I can sing along with, even when I’m rocking out. I like discernible melodies, not just heavy thrashing. I love me some rock and roll, don’t get me wrong. But my version of headbanging is to AC/DC or “Bohemian Rhapsody” in “Wayne’s World,” not to the sweet sounds of “Stabbed in the Throat” by Cannibal Corpse, which I am also not making up.

So now you know if you’re listening to my playlists, you’re not going to find much in the way of country, rap, opera, or heavy metal. If that means I lose the three listeners I have, so be it. I mean, if you really wanted to hear that stuff you’d at least paint yourself blue.

2 thoughts on “I’d Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Play That

  1. The sub-genres of music are ridiculous. I can’t keep track and don’t even bother anymore. It’s why I refuse to review music, because it would put my utter ignorance of this on Facebook I’ll display for the world. I just know if I like listening to it.

    But on the topic of rapping, in addition to old school like you, I like rapping along to Mike Shinoda’s lines in Linkin Park songs.

    1. I admit, I’ve only heard 4 or 5 of their songs and am not a fan. I’ll give them another listen, but they seem to have the same sound dozens of other rock bands have these days.

      I do admire the skill. I love the spoken word, clever rhyming, fast talking…I just hate most of the songs because they all sound so much the same.

      Listen to Dessa. She’s amazing. A combination of rap, spoken word, and singing.

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