Dishing Tea, Blogs, and News

Heard any Good Tea?

Welcome to April. No April Fool’s jokes from me. They’re kind of frowned on since it’s my Mom’s birthday today. It’s also my daughters’ birthdays today. So happy birthday to them. I’d sing the Happy Birthday song, but well…you know.

The State of the Voice has improved since our last report, but mostly for my speaking voice. Not much development in the normal singing range, though if I keep the voice down in the basement I can actually carry a tune with a bit of gravel. I can nail Tom Waits at the moment.

I continue making and drinking batches of this simple tea.

The voice tea

That’s it. A friend showed me how to make it. And she has that leaf of life stuff planted around her yard, so there’s no shortage of that. Regular lemons are fine, but I’ve been using Meyers lemons because they’re in season and she told me they’re way less bitter than ordinary lemons. And I believe her because she’s pretty freaking amazing. She knows a lot of shit. She could tell me I need to eat a live snake to fix up my voice and I’d totally believe her. I wouldn’t do it because, hello, fucking snake. But still, I’d believe her.

Oh, and honey. I add honey to the tea, which also is good for the throat.

And that right there is as close to a food blog as this place will ever be.

Of course, if they gave me a show, that’d be entirely different.

I’m also still doing the tenting thing 3-4 times a day. It’s like having a peppermint sauna for your face! And I’m avoiding cigarette smoke and alcohol. That’s right, I haven’t touched a drop in almost a month! It’s nuts over here. My body is in shock.

Random Blogging Observations

  • My tastes often seem to change like the wind, so don’t be too stunned if you see minor or major changes to the appearance on the blog. I’ve already changed the theme probably 10 times. What can I say? I tweak things, especially since there are lots of new features and settings to mess with. I’m not entirely positive what I’m looking for, but when I try a new theme, I definitely know when it’s NOT what I’m looking for. I’ll settle down. Eventually.
  • I have forgotten everything I ever knew about HTML and CSS, which is rather unfortunate because there are minor things I would like to mess with but don’t know how to do any more. Maybe I’ll YouTube it, we’ll see. I’m really just too lazy to be bothered. I am definitely not sinking any energy into learning it all again. Besides, I can always just change the theme. Right?
  • I have finally finished combing through my old Feedly account and I think I have everyone on the Blogroll now. If not, drop me a line.
  • Alas, I’d say 80% of those feeds were defunct. That’s a lot of personal blogs gone. Sure, I know there are probably tons of new personal blogs and I just don’t know where they are yet. It’s just that many of the folks I knew have vanished from the blogisphere.
  • But I’m very glad some bloggers remain at it. Folks like Kevin over at Kapgar, Dave at Blogography, and others are still here. Again, check the Blogroll.
  • There are more than a handful of personal bloggers whose blogs I used to read regularly. So it was a bit jarring when I clicked through from Feedly to say hello to my old blogging buddies, only to see pop-ups, banner ads up and down both sidebars, and all the posts being sponsored and full of affiliate links. I’m not bashing putting ads on blogs, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of bloggers implementing ads on their blogs in very unobtrusive, tasteful ways. I’m just saying when I see a blog with ads all over the screen and a good portion of the posts are promotional, sponsored posts? That is no longer a personal blog. And that’s fine if pulling in ad revenue is what you were shooting for, I guess. Who doesn’t want to make some extra money? Or maybe even fully support themselves with their blog? I suppose it’s just the loss of even more personal blogs that makes me a little sad, really.
  • From my myopic point of view, the field of personal bloggers seems like a forest where most of the trees have been chopped down. That’s me after just one month back at it, of course. I guess I really need to explore and discover new blogs, get a better view of the current forest, so to speak. I’m trying to making blog-reading a habit again. I would love to add more personal blogs to the feedreader. Or life bloggers. Whatever we’re supposed to be called nowadays. I’m adding that to the list: find new blogs.
  • So if you’re a personal blogger or know some good ones, please leave me a comment.

My News Intake

I’m typically a real news junkie. I’ll watch CBS This Morning with my coffee and then just leave news on for hours as background noise. My news intake went even higher after the 2016 election. There have been just such an inordinate amount of horrendous things happening daily that it’s impossible to keep up with. Trump’s childish tweet storms, the damage he does daily to this nation AND the planet. It’s very hard to watch. It’s also very hard for me to watch friends continue to support him even now, with no regard for his actions, behavior, lack of truthfulness, etc. Oy, don’t even get me going. Another day.

I can’t say for certain if it’s the new medication I started taking recently or what, but I’ve kind of lost my taste for news. At least television news. For the last couple of months, I have really dialed it back a lot, often not even watching all two hours of my morning news show. I’ll just turn the news off and turn on Spotify or Pandora and listen to music the rest of the day instead of filling it with more hateful images and soundbites. Or even just the ineptitude of that…person. Ugh.

I still keep up. I get notifications when big stories drop. I read news online, scour the headlines and read things selectively. I still watch the 6:30 evening news, though I did turn it off halfway through last night when the newscaster said, “I need to caution you that the video you are about to see is graphic.” Nope, don’t want to see it.

And I don’t want to see the Trumpian blow-by-blows updated every moment throughout every day. It’s just fucking amazing how he dominates every single news cycle, precisely what a narcissist needs.

What constitutes the new “normal” these days is really unhealthy for my country and for my mental health. I need to think about other things than the oaf in the White House. And that is what I’ve been doing by turning the news off and the music on.

How about you? How do you deal with the news?

I could use a drink thinking about it. Or some microphone therapy. And neither of those are happening today.

So I’ll hold up an virtual one up for you. Cheers!

And hey, try not to be too mean with the April Fool’s shit today, eh? (And if you are, take pictures for me.)

2 thoughts on “Dishing Tea, Blogs, and News

  1. It’s truly sad the state of personal/life blogging. Be happy you jumped when you did because it was even more painful to watch them drop one by one. Brutal.

    If you find any other good ones, let me know. I gave up seeking them out on my own a while ago because the links I followed all tended to be dead or unkempt blogs.

    1. That would have been tough to watch, yes. I’ll keep you posted. I’d like to nudge others back into blogging. I heard more than a handful say they’ve been missing it.

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